Commercial Property Insurance
for Real Estate Professionals

As a real estate agent, closing agent, or property appraiser, you depend on your computers, tablets, laptops, office space, and more to operate each day. But what would you do if a fire destroyed your business essentials or your media equipment were stolen? Would you have the means to repair your office, replace your equipment, and still not fall behind in serving your clients?

When your real estate or title business has a Property Insurance policy in force, you can rest assured that you have the funds to make the necessary repairs and replace your insured equipment. With the appropriate coverage, your business will be financially shielded from the unexpected expenses that result from natural disasters, fires, and burglaries. If you don't own your office building, your Property Insurance coverage can still provide the requisite funds to make speedy repairs so you can open your business's doors again. Additionally, your coverage can also protect your insured equipment when you are away from the office as well.

Discover the perks of Property Insurance and how your coverage will help your business weather a costly and unforeseen setback.

Property Insurance Benefits

Real Estate and Title Professionals: Property Insurance Benefits

Property Insurance protects your business's physical assets, but the coverage has evolved to account for the importance of digital data in running a business, too. When you secure a policy for your real estate or title business, your files, laptops, smartphones, and office space are some of the many items your coverage can compensate you for if it's lost or damaged due to a covered event.

Though you may still have the option of insuring your property at its current value or replacement value, the insureon experts tend to recommend the latter choice, especially when protecting media equipment. This option may cost a little more than insuring at its current value, but replacement value coverage allows your business the freedom to purchase new gear.

For forward-thinking business owners who want a comprehensive plan of action in case of unexpected events, a Business Owner's Policy or BOP combines Property Insurance and General Liability Insurance together. Because real estate and title professionals are typically considered low-risk businesses, you may be eligible for this convenient policy with a discounted premium. For more information about this coverage, be sure to talk to an insureon agent.

Property Insurance: Key Details

Title and Real Estate Businesses: Key Details About Your Property Insurance

There are some aspects of your business you can control. You can decide which clients to work with, hold training sessions with your employees, and store your files in fireproof cabinets. However, sometimes the best-laid plans can only go so far. So when a tornado, fire, theft, or act of vandalism results in property loss or damage, you need another safety measure in place to protect your business. Here are three ways your Property Insurance policy steps in to help you out.

Building Coverage for Real Estate and Title Professionals

For real estate businesses who own their office space, you'll be happy to know that the building coverage portion of your Property Insurance allows you to repair your office after a covered event. So when a fire burns your interiors and destroys the windows and furniture, your policy compensates you for the funds to make the necessary repairs.

If you rent your office space, your policy will also cover the cost of repairing your business premises. From fixtures and furniture to windows and office supplies, you'll have the means to repair your building's contents and get back to serving your clients. Additionally, this portion of your policy can help your business meet requirements your landlord may stipulate in your lease.

Computers and Media Coverage for Real Estate and Title Companies

Most business owners in the Internet age rely heavily on computers, tablets, and smartphones to carry out their work, and real estate and title professionals are no exception. Fortunately, your Property Insurance protects your media equipment from accidents, thefts, and even power surges (depending on your policy). In the event of a covered claim — such as spilling coffee on your laptop — your insurance allows you to quickly replace your device. Your coverage may also account for the costs of researching, replacing, or repairing your media equipment after a computer virus damages it.

Business Interruption Coverage for Title and Real Estate Professionals

When your office space is in ruins or you need to find replacement equipment, your business may have to be put on hold while you make repairs and purchase new gear. That's why some real estate and title businesses opt to add Business Interruption Insurance to their Property Insurance policies. This coverage compensates your business for the income you would have earned if your business were able to operate normally. For eligible businesses, Business Interruption provides the funds you need to make payroll and cover rent and other essentials. To learn more about this coverage, be sure to ask your insureon agent for more details.

Customize Your Plan

Customize Your Real Estate or Title Business Protection Plan

When you're ready to shield your business premises, media equipment, and supplies from damage or loss, get started by completing our all-online application. Depending on your coverage needs, we may be able to have you insured within 24 hours of your initial application.

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