Real Estate Agent Insurance Rates
How Much Is Insurance for Real Estate Agents?

Real estate agent insurance can offer protection for legal costs, lawsuits, and other large expenses that could bankrupt a small business. Whether you accidentally damage a seller's property or someone is injured at an open house, real estate agent insurance could help your business avoid financial disaster by covering your legal costs.

Costs vary from one business to the next. While we can't generalize about the cost of small business insurance, we've provided some rough estimates below that will give you a good idea of what the typical business pays for real estate agent insurance.

Note: These insurance quotes are only estimates. Premiums can vary.

E&O Insurance?

How Much Is Errors and Omissions Insurance for Realtors / Real Estate Agents?

Real estate Errors and Omissions Insurance (also called Professional Liability Insurance) may cover the cost of lawsuits when an agent is sued over a problem with their work. If a closing falls through, a buyer is unsatisfied with their home purchase, or a seller has a problem with how you're marketing their home, real estate E&O may cover your lawsuit costs. Given how much money is on the line for each sale, E&O Insurance can offer important financial security for real estate agents worried about lawsuits.

To see how the cost of Errors and Omissions Insurance for real estate agents compares with other industries, visit Insureon's Professional Liability Insurance Cost Analysis New browser window icon..

General Liability Insurance?

How Much Is General Liability Insurance for Real Estate Agents?

General Liability Insurance may offer protection for the cost of many common third-party lawsuits, including slip-and-fall accidents, property damage, and reputational injuries. Say you're hosting an open house and leading a tour. While telling prospective buyers about the history of the home, you gesture and knock a $40,000 painting off the wall. General Liability Insurance can help pay for court costs, lawyers' fees, and property damages you may owe the homeowners if they sue you over the incident.

The typical General Liability Insurance policy for real estate agents costs between $350 and $850, right in line with the cost for for small real estate firms in general.

To see how the cost of General Liability Insurance for real estate agents compares with other industries, visit Insureon's General Liability Insurance Cost Analysis New browser window icon..

a BOP?

What Does a Business Owner's Policy Cost?

A Business Owner's Policy bundles General Liability with Commercial Property Insurance to help cover your real estate business's property as well as basic injury and accident liability. Property Insurance can reimburse real estate agents when their property is stolen, destroyed in a fire, vandalized, or damaged in a weather event covered by your policy.

Say your office burned down. In a fire, you could lose furniture, computers, supplies, and equipment. Property Insurance may reimburse you for these losses, paying to repair or replace lost property.

Real Estate Agents Business Owner's Policies typically cost $400 to $1,250 in annual premiums, somewhat lower than the industry average.

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