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Small Business Insurance for Title Abstractors

It takes years for title abstractors to learn their craft, and for good reason - it's not easy to research titles accurately, and small mistakes can cost your clients a lot of money, with abstractors usually taking the fall should something go wrong with the title.

These days, it's common to see ads for "remote title abstractors" that only require a bachelor's degree and six months' training. Professional title abstractors understand the demands of the job far outstrip these qualifications, something that is often reflected in business insurance quotes if an independent contractor has anything less than three solid years of experience.

Insureon understands that the stakes are high for title abstractors, and an effective business insurance plan is necessary to protect your assets and the time you've invested in your training and education. Below is a list of recommended primary insurance policies for title abstractors…

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If you are a title abstractor and ready to receive multiple small business insurance quotes from A-rated insurance providers, then contact an insureon agent who specializes in the coverage needs of title abstractors. If you'd rather receive the business insurance quotes in your inbox, fill out our easy electronic application.

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