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Key Business Insurance Policies for Real Estate Agents

You know the ins and outs of buying and selling property, so you may also know the many ways you can be held liable when a deal goes wrong. But what can you do when your thorough service and disclosures aren't enough to keep a miffed buyer from suing? Or what happens if you get into an auto accident while driving a client to a viewing?

Lawsuits may crop up suddenly, but their effects are lasting: they could level the real estate agency you've built. That's why there's real estate business insurance. Think of it as your last line of defense. The hope is your contracts and communication keep people informed and happy, but if that falls through, your insurance can keep you from draining your personal bank account to cover legal expenses.

If you’re an independent agent (like more than half of all real estate agents in the United States), you’re responsible for getting the business insurance coverage that can protect you. That usually takes a lot of time and research, so why not enlist a little help?

At Insureon, our licensed insurance agents connect real estate agents with coverage from top-rated providers. We can find policies that address your risks and fit your budget. Coverage varies depending on where you live, how you operate, and other factors related to your business, but we can help you understand your choices so you can make a confident decision.

To get started, take a look at the coverages our agents typically recommend for real estate agents:

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In the real estate business, timing is everything. Because you’re so busy researching, showing, and closing deals, you might not have a lot of spare time to hunt for insurance. That's why we do the searching for you. Fill out an online application, and we can send quotes from top-rated carriers right to your inbox. Once you have your options, our agents can help answer your questions. When you find a policy that strikes your fancy, we can take you from quote to bind, usually in 24 hours or less. So let's get going!

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