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Whether your property management company handles one unit or multiple pieces of real estate in many locations, you know just how easily a little snafu can quickly turn into a serious problem. But your business concerns go well beyond repairing leaky sinks and broken heaters for tenants. You also have to contend with the fact that you could be liable if something really serious occurs.

Maybe a person is injured while visiting one of your properties. Maybe a tenant claims that you violated your contract. These reasons, among others, are sufficient to bring a lawsuit against your business. Even if you do nothing wrong, a client or third party could still threaten legal action. Business insurance is a good way to prepare for this worst-case scenario because it can address the cost of legal battles, property damage, and more.

When you work with the licensed agents at insureon, you get access to top-rated coverage that manages your risks and keeps your assets safe. Adequate insurance coverage can help your company survive an unexpected disaster, accident, or liability claim, so get covered before it's too late.

Based on the most common risks property managers face, our agents typically suggest carrying…

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