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Small Business Insurance for Real Estate Title and Closing Agents

As a closing agent, you work very closely with property buyers, sellers, and lenders without actually working for any of them. Your job is to stay neutral and handle all the nitty-gritty details that come along with closing on a property. Both buyers and sellers depend on your credibility, confidentiality, and expertise to get the job done and make sure all parties' needs are met.

But whenever a professional is mediating something as expensive and complicated as a real estate purchase, you have to be prepared in case an unexpected event or accident impedes your ability to work or affects one of the involved parties.

A solid business insurance plan is an instrumental part of your business protection plan. Below is a list of the most recommended policies for closing agents…

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Closing officers who are ready to receive multiple small business insurance quotes should contact an insureon agent. Our agents specialize in the insurance needs of niche-industry professionals - like closing officers - and negotiate with several A-rated insurance providers to get you the best rates possible. If you'd rather fill out our no-hassle electronic form, your small business insurance quotes will be sent to your inbox.

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